FOR SALE: Half a pasture-raised steer. Call Tim for more info!

Tim is purchasing half a steer from White Flower Farm.  Apparently the grass grew faster and longer than normal, and they have more fattened up steer than expected…so Tim decided that we could not live without 200 pounds of delicious, pasture-raised beef.  200 pounds ?!?  Yes, 200 pounds. Don’t worry — we’re splurging and having them butcher it for us.  And, luckily I have convinced Tim that our basement in Becket would not be the ideal “aging” environment for the beef.

Since there is no way two people and a labradoodle can eat 200 pounds of beef, we’ve recruited some folks to take 25 and 50 pound portions.  And, we are looking for a couple more partners to take on 25 to 50 pounds.  If you are interested, it’s $5 per pound and you must be in Western MA, CT, NY or NJ so we can easily drop off your share.  Email me ( if you are interested.

All jokes aside, I am actually excited about the purchase.  I am in the process of reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and increasingly interested in locally-grown produce and locally-raised meat.

You can certainly expect some beef recipes from the Weeknight Gourmet!

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