Where's the beef? ~140 pounds are in our freezer!

Tim and I drove to Litchfield, CT yesterday to pick up our dry-aged and butchered half steer.  The steer is from White Flower Farm and was beautifully butchered by Litchfield Locker and Processing.  We luckily picked up exactly the right amount of beef to fill our freezer to the gills.

freezer2In total, we’ll have purchased 200 pounds of beef.  We’ll be keeping 50 pounds and distributing the rest to friends and family who went in on this adventure with us.  Tim and I will be making deliveries on Sunday and again on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

To give you a sense of what you get with 200 pounds of beef, here is a list of what we have picked up and what we think is remaining:


Last night, Tim grilled two giant bone-in rib eyes.  They were delicious!  So flavorful!  And, Angus really enjoyed the bone.  I made twice-baked potatoes to accompany the steaks.  A delicious dinner!


ribeye raw

cooked ribeye

This morning, Tim enjoyed steak and eggs.  I pan fried half of a flap steak for Tim’s lumberjack breakfast.  Flap steak comes from the flank and is similar to hanger steak.

Ribeye pkg

Tonight I will be making the Barefoot Contessa’s pot roast recipe using a chuck roast.  Should be a good meal for a very rainy Saturday!

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