Where is the Weeknight Gourmet?

Tim and I moved to a new apartment on Thursday.  So, between packing and unpacking there hasn’t been much time for cooking.  The new kitchen is a touch bigger, and has better cabinets and nicer appliances!  Definitely will be an improvement for the Weeknight Gourmet.  Overall, the apartment is much bigger.  Plus it has a patch of outdoor space (a rarity in NYC) which will allow me to provide more BBQ recipes!

While we’ve been settling in, we’ve enjoyed some yummy food in the West Village.  Here are some of our favorites….

Los Dados: Los Dados is our neighborhood Mexican place.  We love the guacamole, the mahi mahi tacos, and the steak quesadilla.  We usually order all three and split the dishes.  We washed the delicious food down with some Pacifico – my favorite beer!

A Salt & Battery: Authentic fish & chips in the heart of the West Village.  I think the fish is much better than the chips but it’s all quite yummy.  On Thursday night, Tim indulged in their fried Mars Bar after dinner!

Pasita: Our local “pizza” place.  The restaurant actually has Venezuelan roots but serves delicious pizza!  We love the Ropa Vieja and Champinon pizzas.  We usually order a pizza and a salad for a delicious dinner.  The restaurant also has a wonderful and well-priced South American wine list!

Sea: This restaurant recently opened where a pan-Asian restaurant called Highline used to be.  Sea is the Meatpacking / West Village outpost of a Brooklyn Thai restaurant.  We ordered off of their specials but all the dishes were delicious.  Sea is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Barbuto: Barbuto is a wonderful Italian restaurant a couple blocks from our apartment.  The menu changes each day and changes more dramatically with the seasons.  The roast chicken is the only constant on the menu.  The seasonal bruschettas and pastas are my favorites!  Last night I had a wonderful tagliatelle with peaky toe crab.  Yum!

Jarnac: Jarnac might be my favorite neighborhood restaurant of all time!  It’s a wonderful French restaurant with an incredibly friendly staff that emphasizes local ingredients.  Like Barbuto, the menu changes nightly with more significant changes seasonally.  Tonight I enjoyed some wondeful grilled ramps as an appetizer and an amazing seafood stew for my entree.  Tim enjoyed the pre fixe which included a delicious cheddar cheese plate for dessert.

I hope to cook in my new kitchen on Monday.  Look for some new recipes this week!

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