The Wednesday New York Times

The Monday New York Times used to be my favorite because I could finish the crossword with ease, making me feel as gifted a crossword puzzle solver as my brother John and my mother-in-law Pam.  But once I discovered the wonderfully simple recipes from Mark Bittman and Melissa Clark and the entertaining, although sometimes brutal (see the Harry Cipriani review from November 2007), restaurant reviews by Frank Bruni, the Dining section catapulted the Wednesday Times to the top.

Yesterday’s section had three highlights for me.

Mark Bittman’s Really Old-Fashioned Marinated Rib-Eye

This simple marinade of wine and spices is best when the steak soaks for two days.  I plan to grill the steaks on the grill pan, roast brussels sprouts, and puree cauliflower for a delicious winter meal!

Jelly Doughnut Pudding

At Eli’s Manhattan they use unsold jelly doughnuts in a bread pudding concoction that looks amazing!

I need to make this recipe for my father-in-law Peter.  I am sure it will be absurdly rich but I think he will love it!  Peter – be on the look out for this when you come to Becket in late February.

Bacon Explosion

Vegetarians and health nuts you may want to stop reading now…The Bacon Explosion “consists of two pounds of bacon woven through and around two pounds of sausage and slathered in barbecue sauce.”  It can be grilled or smoked.  The recipe was created by two guys who compete on a BBQ team called Burnt Finger BBQ.  Since posting the recipe on their website, it has become an Internet sensation with 18,000 websites linking to it.

Doug – perhaps we can give it a whirl in your smoker??

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