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It’s Wednesday!  Time to see what goodies The New York Times has in store for me.  I was pleased to see that my two favorites – Mark Bittman and Melissa Clark – both had articles today.

Mark Bittman’s Parmesan Cream Crackers look deliciously simple and only require 5 ingredients.  Impress your guests with homemade crackers!

The Mustardy Braised Rabbit with Carrots by Melissa Clark is certainly not a weeknight meal.  But there is nothing I like more than braising meat on snowy Saturday night at our house in the Berkshires.  While I have never cooked rabbit, I became very comfortable with game after preparing wild boar in my cooking class in Florence.  And, our trip last year to Stockholm opened my taste buds up to a whole new world of game — elk, reindeer, and venison.

I always enjoy Melissa Clark’s recipes, but this one caught my eye in particular because it is an adaptation of a Daniel Boulud recipe.  Eating at Daniel remains one of my top ten dining experiences.  I am eager to see if I can bring a little bit of the elegant dining experience I had at Daniel into my home.

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