Looking for an easy dinner? Trader Joe's to the rescue!

After tending to my meat sauce for a couple of hours on Saturday, I was not in the mood for a lot of cooking last night.  Often on our way home from the Berkshires we stop at the Trader Joe’s in Danbury, CT.  It’s so easy to throw together a tasty and relatively healthy meal from TJ’s.  I decided to go with a Mexican theme so I bought some avocados, tortillas, Trader Joe’s Pollo Asado (marinated chicken you can just throw on a grill pan for a few minutes), a can of refried black beans, and some feta cheese.

I grilled the chicken, heated the beans, warmed the tortillas, chopped a tomato, sliced two avocados, and crumbled some feta.  Tim and I assembled our own tortillas (which I doused with my fave, green Tabasco sauce).

It was a super quick and tasty meal!  Thanks Trader Joes!

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