I Became a Foodie 10 Years Ago

Perhaps being pregnant is making me overly sentimental but I realized that 10 years ago this weekend marks the beginning of my journey as a “foodie”.  I took Tim out to celebrate his 25th birthday.  The first of many birthday celebrations we have shared.  Given that our relationship was just a couple months old at that point, I was very nervous about planning a fun birthday celebration that struck the right tone — I wanted the night to be fun and show that I made an effort, but not be too over-the-top that I might scare him off.

I remember being in the bullpen at Morgan Stanley asking my friends for ideas.  I don’t remember who suggested the Donkey Show — an interactive disco version of a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream — but that ended up being the first part of our evening.  And, my friend Eliza suggested the restaurant — Montrachet, an amazing French restaurant in Tribeca.

I don’t remember everything I ate that night but I do remember eating the most tender and delicious lamb I had ever tasted and being amazed by the beauty of the presentation and intensity and variety of flavors packed into such delicately prepared dishes.

Montrachet has since closed but that experience has compelled Tim and I to try some of the best restaurants across New York City and in different cities we’ve visited over the years and helped inspire my love of amazing food and dining experiences.

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