Green Eggs and No Ham

Tim and I are having a lazy morning in our apartment, catching up on email and doing a little work.  We didn’t want to go out for breakfast or brunch so I had to make do with whatever was in our fridge.  We had half a block of gruyere so I was just thinking of scrambling some eggs with the grueyere.  But then I spotted one reamaing large tortilla, a jar of salsa verde, and some feta cheese.

I scrambled 4 eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper.  I added about 1/3 cup of the crumbled feta when the eggs were almost done.  After heating up the tortilla on the gas burner, I cut it into two.  I then divided the scrambled eggs with feta over each of the tortilla halves and generously drizzled with salsa verde.

Our green eggs were much tastier than your typical scrambled eggs and provided a great start to our Saturday.

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