The Bunny Cake

My dad created two confectionery traditions in our house — the Super Bowl Cake which I already wrote about and the Bunny Cake.  Now that there is a little Jewell around – my adorable niece Rebecca – my brother John and sister-in-law Rachel decided that they would start their very own Bunny Cake tradition.

I am not sure what recipe Rachel followed to make the cake, but my dad simply used a yellow cake mix and store-bought white frosting.

To make the cake, you simply bake two 9-inch round cakes.  One of the cakes will be the bunny’s face and the other you cut to make the ears and bow tie.

You need some shredded coconut to decorate the ears, some toothpicks for whiskers, and some jelly beans for the eyes, nose, and mouth.  Rachel took some creative license and added sprinkles to the bow tie — a very nice touch!  My dad just used some more coconut for the tie.

It makes me so happy that Rebecca will grow up with the Bunny Cake on Easter and a bit sad that my dad won’t see his tradition live on.

John told me the cake was superb-0 and the best ever!


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