Thanksgiving Dinner!

We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving with my mom in the Berkshires.  Even though it was just three of us (plus Angus), we made the full bird and array of sides.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice all your favorites tastes of the holiday even if you have a small crowd!  Below was our menu…everything was quite tasty and we all had a great holiday.

Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey


My Mom’s Stuffing
(My mom made the stuffing and it was as delicious as it always is but there’s no recipe.  I definitely need to document this someday.)


Smashed Sweet Potatoes


Tim’s Favorite Green Bean Casserole
(I just follow the Campbell’s Soup Recipe)


Corn Spoon Bread


Brussels Sprouts with Radicchio & Pancetta


Cranberry Sauce
(shhh…we used store bought)


Pumpkin Pie

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