Spring Roundup

I was getting overwhelmed by my backlog of posts so I decided to do one roundup of recent dishes I’ve made that are worth sharing. Happy Spring!

Braised Chicken with Salami & Olives
For a rainy, cool spring night, this take on chicken cacciatore in incredibly flavorful. Firmer Sicilian olives are recommended.

Devil Dog Cake
Any spring birthdays coming up? This delicious devil’s food cake topped with a marshmallow frosting might hit the spot!

One-Pan Pork Chops with Feta, Snap Peas & Mint
What says spring more than snap peas and mint? And you all know I love a one-pan dinner. Note: I needed to cook the pork longer than called for in recipe.

Lemony Pasta with Asparagus & White Beans
I made this on Easter for my vegetarian daughter but we all loved it. So bright and flavorful.

Carrot Tart with Ricotta and Feta
What says spring more than a carrot tart! The ricotta and feta combo is delicious and would be amazing on toasted bread.

Splayed Roasted Chicken with Caramelized Ramps
Last spring we had the best ramps in the Berkshires. I made this delicious take on roast chicken last spring and just this week — a great use of ramps.

Panko & Parmesan Crusted Scallops
This scallop recipes couldn’t be simpler! The shallots – lemon – butter create a nice sauce and I always love a crunchy panko topping.

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