Feeding Charlotte

I prepared my first baby food this week –pureed sweet potatoes!  I can hardly believe Charlotte is eating solids.  While I now understand why so many new parents say they can hardly remember life without their little one, in many ways the first five months has passed in the blink of an eye.  They are babies for such a short period of time.  I am so excited for each milestone and development, but am continuously shocked (and a little saddened) at how quickly Charlotte’s babyhood is passing.

While I was pregnant and thought about feeding our baby, I was always focused on this new phase, preparing homemade baby food.  Now, five months into breast feeding, it’s funny to me that I didn’t realize how much time, energy, and effort I would spend breastfeeding Charlotte.  Perhaps it was because I was somewhat daunted and anxious about breastfeeding.  I wanted to breastfeed but knew that it didn’t work out for every mother.

I was very lucky and Charlotte has been a good eater from the start.  I’m surprised how much I love nursing my girl (although I do find pumping to be a chore).  I love our quiet time together and am continuously amazed by the fact that for her 9 months in the womb and for the five months since she was born, my body has sustained Charlotte.  The human body is truly amazing!

Because I had to start working part-time when Charlotte was two-month-old and full-time when she was three-months-old, breastfeeding has allowed me to do something for her while I am away from home.  Pumping milk, while not among my most favorite tasks, at least makes me feel like I am making a contribution while I’m in the office.

And, nursing Charlotte when she wakes up and before bed is such a special time.  I look down at the beautiful creature Tim and I created and am just overcome with love.  Originally, I was just planning to breastfeed for six months, but, as that milestone approaches, I am thinking that I’d like to continue for a while longer.  I am sure Charlotte won’t object.

But this next phase of solid food is exciting!  Now that I have prepared my first trays of pureed sweet potato and pear, I look forward to sharing my love of food and cooking with my precious girl.  So, look out for some baby food recipes on the Weeknight Gourmet!

5 thoughts on “Feeding Charlotte”

  • Can’t wait for these babyfood recipes! Zoe is going to start eating solids in a few weeks and I am a bit terrified. I, unlike you, am very lazy when it comes to the kitchen. I want to cook but I get overwhelmed. I am going to be using the Beaba Babycook. I know people say it’s just as easy to steam the veggies and cuisinart them yourself, but for this girl, an all-in-one machine seems like a dream! I love breastfeeding and am so glad you are enjoying it so much too! This time we get with our girls is so special and I agree with you…It is going way too fast already! xo

    • Thanks for your comment, Christina! Actually I have the Baeba Babycook and used it the other night! It is great. Very easy to clean up. I think I’ll be using that and my foodmill. Hope to meet Zoe on your next trip out east. xx

  • This is a beautiful tribute to the emotional significance of breastfeeding! Thank you for this honest and touching post.

    And on the topic of making baby food. I make all of my own and through trial and error I’ve quickly learned this: you can’t really add TOO much liquid (water or breast milk) to the pureed food. If you accidentally make it too thin you can always thicken it back up with cereal or even tofu. Yum, protein!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Emily. Appreciate it. And, I have already learned the liquid lesson with my sweet potatoes!

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