About me

I started this blog because I love to cook, I love to read about food, and I have always wished there was a site I could go to that would bring together the best recipes from cookbooks, blogs, cooking shows, and magazines.

When I started this blog, I was working with my husband on a startup we founded (and luckily have long since sold). Cooking was a way for me to unwind after long, stressful days. I found it therapeutic and relaxing. A year and half later, I became a mom and somehow kept the blog going for several years balancing work and a child. Cooking for people I care about gives me true joy. I love sharing recipes with others that can help them experience that same joy. 

I maintained this site but haven’t posted for the past 7(!!) years. I’m feeling inspired to get back to it. 10 months into the pandemic, I’ve cooked more than ever and have some new recipes to share. Like I initially set out to do, I’ll share the winners (and hopefully not too many losers) that I find.  

A few quick facts about me:

Culinary education: Countless hours watching and helping my mom in the kitchen.  Attended Apicius Cooking School in Florence, Italy for three weeks before starting Harvard Business School in 2003.  Lots of different classes at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC (no cook can live without Knife Skills 1)

Earliest cooking memory: Baking bread with my dad for a class project in Mrs. Beatty’s 2nd grade class.  We forgot the wheat germ but it was still tasty

Proudest cooking moment: Pulling off an intimate 4th of July BBQ for 100 full of homemade salads, marinades, and desserts

Proudest baking moment: My first tarts…sweet: chocolate ricotta tart with pine nut crust; savory: asparagus gruyere tart

Biggest cooking disaster: Accidentally adding lots of garam masala to a beef stew

Cooking equipment I couldn’t live without: Le Creuset Dutch Oven, Wüsthof 10″ wide chef’s knife and my hand-forged Japanese chef’s knife, Microplane zester, and Cuisinart food processor

Inspiration for my blog: My mom who cooked healthy, delicious meals Saturday through Thursday (Friday was pizza night) throughout my childhood

Happy reading & eating!
Jessica Jewell Ogilvie

That’s me and the two people I love feeding the most